Privacy statement

The purpose of a privacy statement is to give you an overview of the various information that is collected and what this information is used for. If you contact Graminor, you give us access to information about you. You can contact us at any time to find out which personal data we have stored about you, and to possibly have it deleted.

Personal data is defined as information linked to you, your name, telephone number and e-mail. User patterns on the website you visit can also be considered personal data and stored, but not at We do not use contact forms or other modules that collect this type of personal information about you, and all statistics that are collected are anonymised.

Analysis data (Google Analytics) uses the analysis tool Google Analytics to collect statistics about visitors and their behaviour. Examples of information collected from Google are duration of visits and which pages are visited. No personal data (as defined above) is stored when you visit Google Analytics uses cookies, which you can disable yourself either 1) via your browser or 2) through a “pop up” on our website. Read more about cookies on the websites ofThe Norwegian Data Protection Authority .


We use Youtube to display videos on our websites. If you play such a video, a cookie will be stored in your browser to remember that you have already seen the video, and possibly how much of the video you have seen. This information can also be used by Youtube to track the number of plays on the video, but will not contain personal data.

Variety selector

If you use our variety selector, a cookie will be stored in your browser to remember the selected varieties of measurement.

Contact Us

If you have questions about privacy/cookies, or want to delete data we have stored about you, you can contact general manager Kristin Børresen .