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About us

About us

Graminor Ltd. is a plant breeding company providing a diversity of disease-free field crops and horticultural plants suitable for Norwegian and Nordic growing conditions.   Our core competence is to develop new and improved plant varieties of cereal, (spring-wheat, barley, rye  and oats) forage grasses, potatos, strawberry, raspberry, apple and plum. We also test and represent imported varieties in Norway.

Our most important breeding goals are to develop varieties which provide high and stable yield of good quality, high tolerance to diseases and adapted to climate changes as well as consumer and enivronmental demands.

Graminor uses traditional breeding techniques assisted with the integration and implemention of modern technological tools and strategies. Traditional plant breeding is time consuming and laborious. Discoveries and advanced understanding of the biology, genetics, and chemistry of plants and their interaction with their environment drives plant breeding innovations. Different modern technologies (e.g. high throughput molecular and phenotyping tools) will speed up the plant breeding process and enable breeders to select more precisely desired and superior genotypes with a higher accuracy.  These continuous advances in science and technological development provide the necessary new tools to plant breeders to further drive innovation and develop new varieties more quickly, more efficiently and for the needs of farmers, consumers and the environment.

In Norway commercial agriculture is carried out far North. The growing season is short with low temperatures, great variations in daylight and challenging winters. Plant varieties adapted for our Nordic growing conditions are essential for cost-efficient, sustainable and productive food production in all parts of the country.

Graminor is owned by:

The Norwegian Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Strand Unikorn and Gartnerhallen.



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